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IVF and AI in the fertility lab

Since the birth of the first baby conceived using in vitro fertilisation in the UK more than four decades ago there have been significant advances, but for many couples IVF remains an emotionally and physically challenging process that may not lead to conception. Recently, much of the focus has been on the role that Artificial […]

male fertility assessments

Every June the focus is on male health as Men’s Health Awareness Week campaigns to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and encourage men to choose healthier lifestyle choices. It’s estimated that male infertility is a factor in 40 to 50% of infertility cases and, in recent years, there has been much research into the […]

Fertility benefits at work

In vitro fertilisation and other fertility treatments are an often-gruelling process, with a huge impact both physically and emotionally on both men and women. This experience is further compounded for women by discrimination in the workplace, according to a MP who is campaigning for new employee protection for women undergoing IVF. The Conservative MP for […]

what does a fertility dietician do?

Nutritional health does play a role in conception and pregnancy, yet there is so much conflicting advice online for those trying for a baby naturally, couples struggling with infertility or individuals experiencing health conditions that affect their fertility. A fertility dietician can provide clear, personalised nutritional advice with regard to fertility, pregnancy and gynaecological concerns. […]

Fertility Treatment in my 40s

The latest UK statistics show that that half of women are now childless at the age of thirty for the first time since records began in the 1920s. A report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has found that 50.1% born in 1990 were still child free by their thirtieth. This follows the long-term […]

diet and fertility

This month is Stress Awareness Month which has been held every April for the last thirty years, yet events over the last two years have made this event even more essential. Anxieties over COVID and the impact of lockdowns have all taken a toll on our mental health. Multiple studies have shown a major increase […]