Freeze your eggs.

Giving your fertility a head start

You set yourself challenging goals and you are driven to achieve them. One of those goals is to have a family, on your terms and when you are ready. Many women are increasingly finding themselves starting their family when they are over 40 but unfortunately, this has its own set of biological complications.

Egg Freezing

Freeze your eggs.

Giving your fertility a head start

You set yourself challenging goals and you are driven to achieve them. One of those goals is to have a family, on your terms and when you are ready. Many women are increasingly finding themselves starting their family when they are over 40 but unfortunately, this has its own set of biological complications.

Since our biology doesn’t always agree with the timeline we set ourselves, then, we are happy to introduce our Aria egg freezing programme.

Secure your healthiest, most provident eggs and store them safely for when you’re ready to start your family.

Is egg freezing right for me?

Age matters: Watch our guide to egg freezing at Aria Fertility or read on for more information about your fertility and fertility preservation options.

When we are born, women’s ovaries already contain all the eggs they will ever have. Subsequently, as our age increases, the quality and quantity of the eggs begin to reduce. The most significant decline in female fertility and egg quality occurs after the age of 35 years – freezing your eggs before then is advisable to maximise your chances in the future if you use your frozen eggs

Remember, it is the age and relative health of your frozen eggs, not the age at which you may use them, which is key to achieving a pregnancy.

At Aria Fertility, we appreciate that not everyone is at the correct stage in life to start a family right now but may wish to have the reassurance of doing so successfully in the future when the time is right.

Egg freezing offers all women the option to preserve their fertility until they are ready to attempt a pregnancy. Many women will achieve a pregnancy naturally after freezing their eggs but for a proportion of women they may need to rely on their frozen eggs in the future to create a family or sometimes to have a second child. It is so important that for fertility preservation to be successful you start to consider this before you are 35, after which your fertility will slowly begin to decline.

At the Aria Clinic, we encourage all women to make choices based on their own individual circumstances once they are fully informed of their own fertility health. No tests can fully predict our chances of conceiving naturally in the future. Our collective experiences through providing fertility treatments have taught us that the majority of women are not aware of how fertility is impacted with age.

Supporting and informing women is what we do to help empower them to make a decision based on their own fertility and consider the options available to them to either preserve their fertility or in some cases, if possible, start trying for a pregnancy immediately.

In our experience it is all too familiar that by the time the vast majority of women visit us to discuss potential options, their fertility may have already started to decline, limiting choices available to them. We encourage all women to make an appointment with our specialist team to learn more about their fertility before it beings to decline.

Aria Fertility will provide you with all the information you need make an informed decision and give you the greatest possible chance of being able to start a family in the future.

How egg freezing works.

4 easy steps to preserving your future fertility options

Book a consultation to meet with one of our Aria fertility consultants. We will talk you through the process of egg freezing and arrange any tests to help us decide whether this an option for you.

We will personalise our advice to your individual situation, to give you an accurate and honest expectation of success.

One of our fertility nurses will take you through the process step by step. This will include everything from the consent forms you need to store your eggs, through to the medications you will need.

The process usually starts with hormonal injections on day 2 of your cycle for approx. 2 weeks. During these injections we see you in the clinic for 3 scans to monitor your progress. When there are enough follicles of big enough size we give a trigger injection and schedule egg collection for 36-38 hours after.

Egg collection is a minor surgical procedure lasting between 20 and 30 minutes. You will have intravenous sedation for this process, so you will feel no pain during the process. Our expert nursing team will care for you during recovery, and you are usually able to return home after about an hour.

The eggs are checked and then frozen and stored for your use in the future. That’s the hard part over.

Now the time is right to start your family, Aria Fertility will thaw your eggs and create embryos to be used for your treatment.

Your fertility success will have been frozen in time.

How many eggs should I freeze?

More women than ever are choosing to have elective egg freezing as a way of securing their reproductive options for the future. It is always difficult to be sure how many eggs should be stored for each patient.

At Aria your doctor will discuss with you whether one cycle of treatment should be sufficient or whether you should consider a multi-cycle package of care.

The graph below shows the average number of eggs collected and then frozen from women of different age groups at Aria. Unfortunately, not every egg collected is at the correct stage of development (mature egg) and suitable for freezing.  For this reason, the number of eggs collected and those actually able to be frozen are usually different.


What sets us apart.

Aria Fertility is the vision of a small group of highly knowledgeable and globally recognised fertility experts and embryologists who have come together, uniting their experience and vision to deliver truly market-leading infertility care and family planning.

With experience derived from decades of bespoke private care, incorporating the very latest technological advances, and realised in dedicated state of the art facilities nestled in the heart of London.

Welcome to truly customised fertility treatment.

We understand how difficult it is to think about the egg freezing process and the reasons behind it. Perhaps you haven’t yet met the right partner to have a baby with or you have met your partner and now is not the right time. This can lead to a lot of mixed emotions about this egg freezing process.

You will undoubtedly have loads of questions about egg freezing and we will help you get the answers you need.

The important thing is that you make the right decision and determine whether this is the right time for you. Aria Fertility will guide you through this.

Ensuring your egg freezing journey is as convenient as can be, through access to our experienced team whenever you need it the most, to the convenience of extended opening hours, virtual consultations, phone and email support; allowing you to continue with your life as normal.

We are here at your fingertips 24/7. The Aria Fertility app will keep you informed about your treatment and your appointments.

When you do need to come in to see us, we are conveniently located behind Bond Street, London and just a few minutes walk to the nearest Underground station.

Your next step.

When you are ready and the time is right for you, the next step is to contact us and we will help you arrange a face-to-face, telephone or video-call introduction with one of our consultants.

You can do this by filling in the contact form below or by giving one of our friendly team a call on +44 (0) 203 263 6025.

We really look forward to getting to know you and helping guide those next steps toward your dream family.