We wanted to provide some feedback on our recent experience with the clinic. This was the first time we had done a cycle at Aria and our overall experience has been really excellent. We are aware that you have a new set-up so understand from the team that feedback is helpful. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Aria took a very detailed and bespoke approach to our situation – this was particularly important due to the past 4 failed IVF/ICSI cycles. We really had to push the last clinic for a view and there was very little engagement with the embryology team compared to at Aria. We felt that everything was being done that could be done. Clearly patients invest a lot of time, money and emotion in IVF so where it has gone quite wrong in the past, having someone take the time to evaluate properly and advise/explain was invaluable. The experience was very ‘individual’.

2. The staff were extremely supportive throughout the cycle and we felt well looked after. Miss Tozer was always at the end of the phone for anything you needed and her team are responsive and kind (with a big focus on patient experience).

3. The embryologist was second to none – the detailed and bespoke approach throughout the process, and the updates provided during days 1-5, was fantastic. A very good overall patient experience. We were lucky enough to have embryos suitable for freezing this time, but we had both said before that point how excellent the service had been, particularly from embryology.

4. Aria’s approach to billing was transparent and flexible – there was a better overall understanding of cost and Aria accommodated a bespoke approach to the relevant situation.

5. We felt taken on the “journey” with the team and were consulted at every stage, having been armed with all the necessary information to make decisions. We couldn’t praise the clinic more highly.


“From the moment I stepped through the door right through to getting my HCG blood taken, every single member of the team made me feel very welcome, a priority, and in safe hands. The team at Aria have a very special bond with patients, professional, yet personal, and that is everything you expect from such a facility. Going through any kind of fertility treatment can be daunting and even more so when doing it solo. It was so comforting being here in this nurturing environment where everyone in the team from the nurses to the embryologists was vested and fully committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient. I felt this every step of the way and very quickly developed a strong and trusting relationship with the team. The advice and care given were second to none. I really felt like I was in the best hands and everyone there was rooting for a successful outcome, coaching me every step of the way along my fertility journey which included 3 IUIs and a successful IVF. I have and will continue to recommend Aria Facility to friends and family as I truly believe the team Dr Lavery has at Aria is top quality with extremely professional and talented staff, every single one of them. I am enormously grateful for the gift they have given me.”


“I am writing just to provide a feedback about our experience at Aria clinic.

We were very positively impressed. A completely different experience compared to the previous clinic I was at.

Dr Carby was outstanding: caring, committed to the highest standards.

The nursing staff and the whole team were very good.

I thought that, since Aria is just born, it could be encouraging to get the feedback that the first steps are definitely in the right direction.

Bright days ahead.”


“Anna, Natalie and Paul were all charming. A really impressive face for a new business.

I loved the interiors – tastefully unique and suitably soothing – and was only sorry not to have seen the artwork which was described as on its way!

I was struck by how much hope will be realised within the walls of the building now that it has become Aria and think the energy of the place reflects that very well.”

Mrs VW

“I just want to say that the service and care we’re receiving from everyone at Aria is really appreciated. It’s so different to my previous clinic and in every way so much better so thank you!”


“Dear Mr Lavery, we are delighted to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter, she is gorgeous and we feel very blessed for this precious gift of life.”

Mrs AM

“Mr Lavery is an expert with clear communication, responsive (patient centred and individualised) makes the experience more pleasant for a condition that isn’t.”

Ms HvW

“I have had excellent treatment from Mr Lavery over several years and would not consider having treatment with any other doctor.”

Mrs JL

“Mr Lavery has a very easing and comforting manner, whilst being highly informative – really happy with the service.”

Mrs AD

“Dear Mr Lavery, You saw me a year ago for a second opinion on endometriosis. We took your advice and proceeded straight to IVF – we feel incredibly lucky to have succeeded first time. We really cannot thank you enough.”

Mrs SS

“Dear Mr Lavery, Three years ago you put me on a course of medication to hopefully prevent miscarriage. In September that year I had a beautiful baby boy. Last year I got unexpectedly pregnant again and started the same medication. In May I had an adorable baby girl. Being 45 with a low egg count and a history of miscarriages it was a surprise to say the least- but one we are very grateful for!”

Mrs DP

“Mr Lavery, As time goes by and our family passes various milestones, we remember you and your team with gratitude. So as you continue to change peoples lives, I thought you’d be interested to see a picture of our son on his first day of school- excited and full of energy.”

Mrs KK

“Dear Stuart, Our darling daughter H Has been a wonderful addition to our lives. Thank you so much for all your help, we could not have done it without you.”

Mrs ZH