Donating sperm.

For many, using donated sperm is their only chance to become a parent and if you’re considering becoming a sperm donor, you’ll be giving an incredible gift.

Sperm Donation London

Donating sperm.

For many, using donated sperm is their only chance to become a parent and if you’re considering becoming a sperm donor, you’ll be giving an incredible gift.

There are many reasons why individuals or couples may need donated sperm to become parents. Some men are not able to produce enough sperm, or they have been affected by cancer treatment, for example. There may be a history of inherited diseases that a man wishes to avoid passing onto their children.

Single women or women in same sex couples will also need donor sperm to become parents.

Becoming a sperm donor is an incredibly generous gift and, if you make the decision to proceed, you will be supported throughout by the team at Aria Fertility.

Frequently asked questions.

If you would like to donate sperm, there are certain considerations, which include:

  • Sperm donors must be aged between 18 and 45. There may be some special circumstances where older men can donate
  • No family history of serious illness
  • No transmittable diseases

There will be several screening tests we perform before you’re able to become a sperm donor, including screening for sexually transmitted infections and certain genetic diseases. It may take a few months to get the results.

We will also take a comprehensive medical history of you and your family, to ensure the welfare of the child and prevent any serious medical conditions.

Counselling is provided so you have a chance to discuss the implications of your donation in full before you consider this process further. For example the impact on your family and especially any children you may have already. These appointments take place remotely and we will provide you with contact details so you can organise a time directly.

You will then need to make several visits to the clinic and your sperm is frozen while we match you with a recipient. Your sperm will be used in artificial insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilisation treatment (IVF).

Clinics regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) are allowed to reimburse sperm donors for all reasonable expenses up to £35 per clinic visit. to sperm donors with more potentially to cover reasonable expenses.

The current regulation is that donated sperm cannot be used to create more than 10 families with no restrictions on the number of children within that family. You can set your own limit lower than this if you wish and you can change your mind about donating sperm at any point.

It is no longer possible to donate sperm anonymously in the UK. Any children conceived as a result of your donation will have a right to request non-identifying information from the HFEA register once they are 16 years of age. At the age of 18, they may then request identifying information such as ask for your name, date of birth, town or district where born and address at time of registration.

You will have no legal rights to any children conceived with your sperm, but you will also not have any financial responsibilities. Be careful of donating outside of a clinic licensed by HFEA as your legal rights and responsibilities may be different.

Your next step.

When you are ready and the time is right for you, the next step is to contact us and we will help you arrange a face-to-face, telephone or video-call introduction with one of our consultants.

You can do this by filling in the contact form below or by giving one of our friendly team a call on +44 (0) 203 263 6025 or emailing us at