Why do I need to freeze so many eggs?

Why do I need to freeze so many eggs?

The more eggs you freeze, the higher your chance of success is regarding fertilisation. This is because at each stage of the process there is a decrease in the number of eggs that survive to the next one. Dr Anna Carby outlines each stage and how the number of eggs decreases between them.

“The thaw survival rate for eggs is between 80 and 90%. Of that surviving thaw, the fertilisation rate is approximately 60 to 70%. Of the fertilised eggs remaining approximately 40% may be usable in terms of either transfer or freezing as embryos. It can be seen therefore that starting with 20 eggs may result in three or four embryos being produced.

“You must also be aware that occasionally these percentages are lower when it comes to thawing and that it is possible, though far less likely, that no embryos are produced as a result of thawing.”

What should you look for in a fertility clinic?

Dr Carby clarifies how “the skill of your team will contribute to the potential success of treatment if you use your eggs in the future. Speak to as many clinics as you can before deciding which clinic to go to. This usually gives you a good indication as to the level of service and the feel of the clinic and team.

“Find out if your clinic offers investigations before or during your consultation which can cut down on the visits required to the clinic.”

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