Fantastic news from one of our couples – we were delighted to be sent pictures of their twins and to hear the family were doing so well.

“Last year myself and my partner came to Aria after 2 failed IVF rounds elsewhere, where we unfortunately had no embryos to transfer. We were at our lowest point and Aria was our last chance of having our own biological children. Your team listened to us, were willing to consider and try different approaches, and for the first time didn’t make me feel like it was simply down to me being too old (now 40).

“With the help of your team we ended up with 6 blastocysts and transferred 2, which we were delighted resulted in our first ever positive pregnancy test, after years of trying.

“Last month, all the heartache and struggle finally became worth it and we welcomed our twin boys. Our hearts are so full and we can not thank the team at Aria enough for making all of our dreams come true. Without you our beautiful boys would not exist.

“Thank you to everyone who played a part, every person, every interaction and every decision made at Aria was worlds apart from anywhere else we have visited.”

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