Embryo glue.

What is embryo glue?

Hyaluronon is a naturally occurring substance present in the endometrial cavity and fallopian tubes. It is thought to be an adherence molecule, that is it may help an embryo attach to the endometrium before implantation. It is used by placing embryos to be transferred in a hyaluranon solution prior to transfer.

Risks of embryo glue

There are no known risks with the use of hyaluranon.


These include eight RCT’s and one prospective study. There is considerable variation in these studies including the age of the embryos studied, the time left in hyaluronon, fresh or frozen embryos. . The largest and methodologically strongest study included over 1200 participants and found significantly increased live birth rate with use of embryo glue. Eight of the nine studies reported in favour of hyaluronon but overall the quality of the studies was poor. No studies report a decrease in live birth.

Current HFEA grading

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