What is egg freezing?

What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a great option if you’re considering fertility preservation. At Aria Fertility clinic, we will devise a specific protocol for you, bespoke to your needs.

Dr Anna Carby is one of our fertility experts, specialising in fertility preservation, and she details what you can expect. “One of the more common protocols, called the antagonist protocol, involves starting injections of a hormone called FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) on day two or three of a cycle.

“After around five days of injections, the second injection of medication is introduced (known as an antagonist) which prevents the release of eggs ahead of collection. Once sufficient follicles of large enough size are reached, then a final injection called a trigger injection is used approximately 36 hours before egg collection.

“This enables the eggs to make their final divisions so that they can be collected. The collection is normally transvaginal (internal) with an ultrasound scan.”

Dr Carby explains how many scans you can then expect during your egg freezing treatment. “During treatment, you will normally need anything between three to five scans to monitor the progress of your follicles. This may alter according to how your ovaries are responding.”

How long can I freeze my eggs?

After freezing your eggs, currently, they can be stored for 10 years. If you suffer from premature infertility – for example, if you have had cancer treatment that has stopped your periods – then in some circumstances you may be able to store your eggs for up to 55 years.

Dr Anna Carby is a highly regarded fertility expert and consultant gynaecologist. She has a specific interest in surrogacy and egg donation. She is passionate about fertility preservation for both medical and social indications and is extremely experienced in carrying out IVF on patients and aiding egg donations.

To arrange a consultation with Dr Carby to discuss your fertility journey call us on 0203 263 6025 or email us at admin@ariafertility.com.