Should I freeze my eggs?

Should I freeze my eggs?

There are many different considerations as to why you might decide to have your eggs frozen.

As Dr Anna Carby explains, “you may be single or in a relationship but perhaps not sure that you want to start a family at this moment or indeed ever. Perhaps you have a medical or surgical problem that may threaten your fertility – ranging from cancer to a family history of periods stopping early or other conditions that require medication that may alter the function of your ovaries. You may be transitioning and want to freeze eggs before undergoing surgery or hormonal treatment affecting your fertility.”

What must be considered prior to egg freezing?

“The success of egg freezing is related to the age at which eggs are frozen. Generally, the success rates with egg freezing start to fall after the age of 34 and therefore ideally it is good to freeze eggs before this time in your late twenties or early thirties.

“However, the actual age at which you freeze eggs may well be related to factors you can’t predict – relationship breakups, medical and surgical issues, gender issues. It is really important to talk to your doctor about the chances of success with treatment.”

Dr Anna Carby also explains what physical assessment might be made. “Your BMI is important as the process usually involves some sedative drugs through your veins. If your BMI is high (35 or over) you may need to lose weight before going through this process.”

If you are contemplating whether you should freeze your eggs, Dr Anna Carby can discuss the process in full with you in a consultation and advise whether you are suitable for egg freezing. To arrange a consultation with Dr Carby to discuss your fertility journey call us on 0203 263 6025 or email us at